FJ makes the #1 shoe and the #1 glove in golf. Given their presence among the world's best golfers, we created this branding campaign for display on billboards at PGA Tour events.




Doritos created a secret flavor with the goal of engaging consumers in a contest to see if they could identify this mystery flavor. We wanted to take it further and also create the world’s largest research group: Everyone. So we made this look like an experimental product with the clinical name of X-13D and Doritos put it on supermarket shelves across the country for a month. Consumers then became “researchers,” with the ability to submit their guesses via text or on the X-13D website. 100 people who guessed correctly in the X-13D Flavor Experiment sweepstakes then became official “Flavor Masters,” getting a year’s supply of Doritos and the privilege of seeing, tasting and giving feedback on new, secret creations from Doritos for an entire year.



FlexJet’s target market of discerning, hard-working affluentials places a high value on quality of time and experiences. We branded this offer onto end panels from wine creates to make for a compelling, must-open direct mail piece. It became the most successful DM piece in the company’s history. 


Football on ESPN

ESPN2 Trade Campaign           (One Show - Silver)




NYT full-page ad for launch of the NHL season. 


Fahrenheit Films

The ESPY Awards   --  (Writer/Illustrator)



Flexjet 1.png

ESPNEWS  (Trade campaign) (Writer / Illustrator)


LA Times    (Comic concepts and illustrations)