Hyundai - FIFA World Cup

(Integrated Campaign)

Just as Hyundai was planning its sponsorship of the FIFA World Cup, they were named #1 in Customer Loyalty. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to mirror the loyalty of "football" fans with that of Hyundai's rapidly growing loyal fan base. 


"Baby's Name"  - The true story of the name one fan gave his daughter.  

"Diehard"  - Loyalty knows no end.

"Wedding"  -  A unique church celebrates its passion.


PRINT  (Cannes shortlist, NY Festivals - Gold, International Automotive Advertising Awards - Brand - Silver)

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We turned Hyundai’s YouTube page into a hub where fans could express loyalty to their teams while challenging others. Crazy rants, vuvuzela demonstrations, singing and “elegant” diatribes found a home here.

Times Square Digital Board - Fans interacted with the board by using their smartphones, answering loyalty quizzes and texting which nation they were rooting for, with live updates streaming on the board. The TV spots aired in between.